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Giles Conway-Gordon

Author, writer on economics, finance and politics


I have just published a book on the inherent failings of macroeconomics: Shamanomics: A Short Guide to the Failure, Fallacies and Future of Macroeconomics.

Kirkus Reviews: ‘impressively accessible’, ‘as sober as it is provocative’


For details see the website:

Some Issues I Write About:

• Macroeconomics: Theory, Policies, and Failings

• Economics of the European Union & Eurozone: Structure & Democratic Legitimacy

• Voting Systems with focus on failings of Proportional Representation

• Constitutional Monarchy vs. Republics

• Ethical Basis of Inequality and Mechanics of Redistribution.


‘The Euro Crisis – Time for a Reset , Advisor Perspectives blog,  March, 2013.

‘Alice in Euroland’, Advisor Perspectives blog, September, 2012.

‘Euro-Trainspotting’, European Journal, February, 2003.

Author, writer on economics, finance and politics.

Giles Conway-Gordon

Author, writer on economics, finance and politics.

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Bio and Background of Giles Conway-Gordon

My bio and background and the origin of my interest in the subjects which are the focus of this blog are as follows:

UK citizen. Resident in UK from 1940-1994, present residence: a small ranch in western Montana, USA.


Oxford University, 1959-62. M.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I enjoyed philosophy but even then found economics conceptually flawed, in particular the unresolved and unacknowledged conflict and contradiction between abstract economic theory and the real world.


Initially mostly investment banking in London and Paris. Recently: investment management: 1987-1994 Director, Global Asset Management, London; 1994-2006 CEO, Optima Asset Management, Bermuda; 2006-2013 Managing Partner, Cogo Wolf Asset Management, San Francisco, USA.


Birdwatching (5000 species), racquet games (squash, real and lawn tennis, racquets).