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Knesset PR tail is wagging majority democratic dog, Financial Times, April 5th, 2023

Your leader ”A Battle For The Soul Of Israel”  (FT View, March 29) overlooks the role in the crisis played by the simple proportional representation system used for elections to the Knesset.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had great difficulty forming a government and was only able to do so with the support of the two hard right parties in the Knesset. Between them, these parties won 13 seats in the recent election, barely 11 percent of the chamber.

As the steadily growing nationwide demonstrations show, the proposal to neutralise the High Court is very widely unpopular, with a large majority of Israelis, plus many senior politicians including the country’s president, a former prime minister and the former defence minister, strongly against.

It seems clear that once again a minority (and in this case extremist) PR tail is wagging the majority democratic dog.

Giles Conway-Gordon